Long thin blue ones

If you are tired of reading about finger nails stop right now, if however you are intrigued by my overenthusiastic reaction then read on…

Stopping alcohol has opened up a brand new world for me. Anxiety and stress dropped away. There was no more wondering am I drinking too much, if I have another one will anyone notice? Or I’ll stock up on wine this week because it’s on special knowing full well that the stock wouldn’t last the weekend. There is none of this thought to clutter the mind today. All that tiring thinking about the next drink, the next happy hour, the next occasion, is all gone. It is not missed at all. And I worried that it really would have been. How wrong I was.

I no longer spend all this time thinking about alcohol and then next glass. I no longer spend my money on this obsession. I no longer spend money on the food and transportation that goes with said drinks. Because there is no remorse on what was said the night before, there is no hangover, there is no forgotten gap in the previous evening. All is remembered. There is no worry about how am I getting home, I can drive myself. The anxiety and stress has been fleeing my body and the upside is enormous.

The upside of sober life is long nails. Here she goes again. I know. And I don’t apologise for it either. Long nails for me represents lost anxiety, hidden self confidence that has finally reared its head. Long nails are a symbol of strength for me. Now if you are imagining those nails which are inches and inches long that is not me or what I am talking about. If you imagined bitten nails, erase that and bite and chew more off and the surrounding skin. Gross. Embarrassing. That was me. I was carrying around with me the visable armour of the defeated, the downtrodden. I hid my hands whenever possible. I would always ball my hands into a fist so my nails were hidden. I couldn’t partake in conversations because I wasn’t privy to the ins and outs of the nail world. I was stuck behind anxiety and low self esteem. Now my nails are not the inches and inches long that you imagined, but they are an ordinary length. They blend in with the crowd now. For that I grateful. I am part of the painted nails brigade and I like it. I have missed out on this frivolousness until now and I intend to make up for lost time and have fun with it. I really do. I don’t even know how to file my nails properly. Youtube will be handy. I have ordered nail paraphernalia to look after them well.

Each time I change my nail colour, file, buff, paint or moisturise my nails I will be practising gratitude for the courage that I had to stop drinking. For others it may not be much at all, but for me it is huge. A leap in the right direction. Life is made up of little moments and now I will be spending my time thinking of what shade next.

This follows along with my theme for this year: Care. Part of my routine now involves the care of my finger and toe nails. Oh what fun we will have!

Today’s sober treat: a long hot soak in the bath tub with Epsom salts and a book.

Long nails finally

For the first time in 50 years I have long nails. Almost to manicure length. (I think they are but probably they are shorter than that.) Naturally. They are strong.

I have bitten my finger nails and the skin around my finger nails all my life. I have tried to give up many times. I’ve tried all the remedies, from gloves to sitting on my hands to painting on foul tasting nail polish. Nothing worked. The desire to stop was always there but I just could not stop. It was frustrating. It was embarrassing. They were ugly. I have never worn rings apart from my wedding band because I didn’t want to draw attention to my nails, or lack of them.

Like I have mentioned before stopping alcohol was easy. The decision to stop was hard. I’m not quite sure how I stopped biting my nails. There was no epiphany. It just happened. I cannot explain it. I can feel my nails now when I squeeze my fingers into the palm of my hand. Typing now on the keyboard now is different. Things most people take for granted are completely new for me.

Deciding no to alcohol has had many knock-on effects. This has been a most surprising one. An amazing one. I am ready to book my first manicure and be pampered. I have had many pedicures but never a manicure.

My anxiety has dropped off with stopping alcohol. Noticeably so. This must be part of why I am no longer biting my finger nails. To be honest I don’t really care how it occurred, I am just happy this has finally happened.

If you have tried everything to stop biting your nails and nothing has worked for you, try giving up alcohol and watch what happens.

One thing I could never do and that was play guitar because my nails weren’t there. I picked up a guitar in my late teens but knew it wasn’t going to work out. It was hard. It was painful. Maybe, just maybe, I might give it another go.

Time to raid my jewellery box and see what’s at the bottom.
I can wear rings!!!

Possibilities: Guitarist, Hand Model, YouTube Cooking Show Host

Sober Treat today was pick up pepperoni pizza with chili flakes on the patio.