Sober Treats

Sober Treats – suggestions to celebrate living

Have a long soak in the bath with a book, sparkling water and bath salts
Listen to a record
Cuddle a cat
Paint my nails
Request a book from the library
Wander in an art gallery
Listen to the birds
Make a face mask, put it on and read a book or watch a film
Water the garden
Make a cup of tea in the good china
Light tea light candles and enjoy the ambiance
Book a massage
Wander in a museum
Read a book
Picnic in a park or at the beach
Go to the gym
Try a yoga session
Go see a film
Play Pokemon Go
Go for a walk along the beach
Throw a pot
Plant some vegetable seeds
Buy a onesie
Spend all day in a onesie
Make some biscuits
Make some marshmallows
Buy marshmallows
Make AF* ginger beer
Research vinegar drinks
Make kombucha
Go for a forest walk
Make something from a new recipe
Play badminton in the backyard
Star gaze
Join a language class
Weed the garden

*AF Alcohol Free not As Fu*k


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  • Has it really been so long since I wrote?
  • Afraid so.
  • How come?
  • No reason.

It’s the middle of October and I’m over halfway through Inktober. For those unfamiliar, it’s the whole month of October where you draw each and every day. You’re supposed to post it online but I haven’t bothered with that part. I’m loving it.

Time reference with the title relates to insomnia. It’s still with me. Going to bed at 5AM is not unusual. I don’t have anywhere else to be so it doesn’t matter really. I am rolling with the new schedule. I have tried so many different things to sleep earlier but nothing works. I am in the way of thinking now that my sleep schedule will sort itself out eventually. I love the quiet of the early morning. 3AM is a great time to lay outside and look up at the stars. Breakfast is dinner. Dinner is lunch. Sometimes it’s just one meal a day. Other days all three.

Covid-19 has made the world and scheduling a life like no other. I am accepting the change. I am grateful with what I have. And I am grateful listening to Brene Brown’s Unlocking Us podcasts. That’s Brene with an acute accent over the second ‘e’. She drops book titles each podcast and I am soaking up the conversations like a sponge. Loving the real talk and growth we can make if we are ready to listen, think.

Any book by Brene Brown is a treat. Watch her TED Talk for a good starting place. She is the researcher who studies about vulnerability and shame and more. She asks the hard questions and follows where they go no matter how difficult.

Currently reading Together: The Healing Power of Human Connection in a Sometimes Lonely World by Dr. Vivek H. Murthy. a former Surgeon General of the United States and a guest on the Unlocking Us podcast.

Sober as the new moon.

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