Sober Treats

Sober Treats – suggestions to celebrate living

Have a long soak in the bath with a book, sparkling water and bath salts
Listen to a record
Cuddle a cat
Paint my nails
Request a book from the library
Wander in an art gallery
Listen to the birds
Make a face mask, put it on and read a book or watch a film
Water the garden
Make a cup of tea in the good china
Light tea light candles and enjoy the ambiance
Book a massage
Wander in a museum
Read a book
Picnic in a park or at the beach
Go to the gym
Try a yoga session
Go see a film
Play Pokemon Go
Go for a walk along the beach
Throw a pot
Plant some vegetable seeds
Buy a onesie
Spend all day in a onesie
Make some biscuits
Make some marshmallows
Buy marshmallows
Make AF* ginger beer
Research vinegar drinks
Make kombucha
Go for a forest walk
Make something from a new recipe
Play badminton in the backyard
Star gaze
Join a language class
Weed the garden

*AF Alcohol Free not As Fu*k

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18 out of 30

I walked eighteen days in the month of June. That’s a win. It’s eighteen more times than before. Yesterday I enjoyed the walk. It was easy to go uphill in some parts. The last part is always a puff. I enjoyed the wind on my face. It felt good. I felt good.

Wind has its own entity now for me. It no longer is linked to depression. I don’t frown or shrink myself smaller when I hear the wind blowing in the trees. The wind is doing what it is meant to do. I open the window a crack to let fresh air in. Who brings the fresh air? The wind. Breathe it in. And out. And again. Feel the calmness.

Walking is helping me look after my mind and body. It might be an effort at times. But I never come back home thinking it was a waste of time. It might take a few steps to get into the mood but otherwise I’m off and away. A mood changer. A game changer. I am getting the hang of this thing called walking.

I have plans to go further and explore different places. I am going to explore my city as if I were a tourist. I will get to know it like the back of my hand. Starting with the neighbourhood and then branching out to include beaches and bush walks. Winter is a good a time as any to start. Now is as good a time as any to start.

Sober as a breath of fresh air.

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