Thanks to Mrs D and her suggestion of creating a toolbox to help remain on the sober path

The contents of my toolbox in no particular order:

Regular Exercise (Walking, Pokemon Go, Weights)

Unconditional Love from my Two Cats (Not a tool per-say but imagine an adorable photo)

Care: Self care, saying no, or saying yes, house care, relationship care, body care, mind care, soul care, garden care,…

Kindness: Be First to smile to a stranger, to open a door, sweep a neighbour’s path,…

Mindfulness: from eating toasted muesli to writing to walking, taking the time to do one task at a time

Acceptance: Learning to be me as I am, as I feel. Not stagnancy or giving up. There is always room for change.

Compassion: Generosity, Empathy, Showing Up, Curiosity without assumptions,…

Sober Treats Trying to stay away from anything sweet. Easier said than done.

Morning Pages: Writing daily.

Gratitude: Be thankful, Practice this daily, be specific, Write it down

Internet Out of the Bedroom:
I’m working on this one, it’s not happening easily

Sketching: Sketching daily.

Reading: Murder mysteries, non fiction, autobiographies, anything.