Food made with Alcohol

Went out socialising last week surrounded by alcohol for the first time and more than survived. I had sparkling water as my drink for the evening. Dinner was great. I had dessert too. I enjoyed myself. I didn’t miss drinking alcohol. My dessert had alcohol in it but I let that slide. Tiramisu. I’m okay with that being in my life. I noticed that the slice of baked pear on the plate tasted of red wine too. Again, I’m okay with that being on my plate.

I’m not writing this to spark an argument but how do you feel about food with alcohol in it? I haven’t cooked with alcohol. Actually that’s not true. I cook with sake sometimes. Mirin too. It’s ingrained in Japanese cooking. I haven’t cooked with red/white wine. I don’t want to start the cooking with wine, one for the pot, one for me. I’m thinking of Spaghetti allla Vongole (Spaghetti with clams). Thinking aloud here really.

The reason I’m sober is that I cannot be a moderate drinker. I choose not to drink. I like myself better sober. I trust myself to have tiramisu out at an Italian restaurant and not feel like I’m failing myself. Put it this way, I didn’t feel the urge to order a glass of wine or limoncello after having dessert. That being said I don’t wish to buy alcohol filled chocolates. I don’t think that’s healthy for me. But having tiramisu while out occasionally is okay.

I have cooking wine, Chinese and Japanese in the kitchen and I use those for cooking for flavour. I have no desire to finish the bottle because it’s open. It stays in the cupboard. So what I’m asking myself is what is stopping me from using white or red wine? It’s the possible temptation of an open bottle sitting on the bench or under the bench. Nine months on and I think I’m okay with it. Just writing out these niggling ridiculous thoughts.

I just really love Spaghetti allla Vongole. Clams are cooked in the white wine sauce till they open. I didn’t use to make it often but I did have a glass or two of wine with it. More than. Now I think I’m ready to make it again without the glass of wine with the meal. Sparkling water is my go-to drink. Yeah. I think I’m okay with that.

That’s my rambling way of saying I’m okay cooking with alcohol. Tiramisu is not technically cooked so that’s an exception, I get that.

Buon appetito!


9 thoughts on “Food made with Alcohol

  1. There was a guy blogging here who wrote about this very thing a while back and I remember it so clearly because it had NEVER even occurred to me. He gave the example of being at a family bbq where food had been prepared in an alcohol based marinade. He wrote that he did NOT want to taste alcohol again, but his family and friends were all drinkers and he was ridiculed because of his abstinence. I haven’t seen him writing here for a long time (sadly) but he always brought up great points and he was an inspiration to me. My own addiction is not alcohol but sugar. There are a number of sugary items that I no longer allow myself and it’s been 5¹/² years since I last ate chocolate and about 3 since I gave up cake. Because I no longer allow myself those 2 things, I haven’t eaten tiramisu in years (and never will haha) despite it being a particular favourite of mine. I was in Italy this time last year and never even considered it. Alcohol was never my main poison but I rarely drink it because of the sugar content. Only you can know if you can handle the least taste of alcohol in food, I guess, but try not to justify it if you’re in the slightest bit unsure. X

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    • Ah marinades, yes I use them too.
      I’m trying to get my head around what I find okay for me. Still got some working out to do.
      I had a trip to Italy where I had only tiramisu for dessert. They ranged from soup to ice cream consistency. It was a real eye opener as to authenticity. Each tiramisu was authentic yet each was so different.
      Dealing with sugar is a challenge for me too.


  2. It’s so major when we individually realize we can’t successfully moderate, isn’t it. It changes everything.

    I’m a huge child when it comes to desserts and didn’t like anything with booze in it – preferred to drink my booze lol. So it wasn’t an issue for me. I don’t know much about alcohol in food but I can imagine that if the dishes you make usually have sake and mirin then it’s way too much too give up your good homemade comfort food along with wine, all at the same time. Also you’ve given up sugar, it’s a lot. The booze-filled chocolates, though, I agree that wouldn’t be good. Years ago I bought some not knowing they had booze in them, it was like eating a shot! (gross imho – but to each their own 😄)

    I looooooove pasta with white sauce in restaurants and I would never consider asking if it was made with wine, nor would I care. I rarely eat out anyway. I don’t cook with wine at home but never did, since I’m pretty basic in the kitchen. All the wine went into my glass while I was cooking. ;)) Just rambling my own thoughts here.

    Sounds to me like you are doing awesome. Nine months of sobriety!!! Congrats. Love imagining you cooking up a storm while sipping sparkling water.

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    • Thanks. Feeling I am making good strides.
      Ummmm. That sugar thing. I have been sick and so that went out of he window. I had a bag of licorice and loads of ice cream. Admittedly I have not stuffed myself silly with sweet stuff. Too sick to go out so that was a good thing. I have continued to loose weight. A small bonus while being sick. Boiled lollies have helped my throat. Last night I made sorbet. That was great for the throat. Delicious by the way. Taste is coming back. This has been a rotten flu.
      Just realised I had one bag of licorice for the week. That for me is huge. In the past it would have been one per day.
      Rambling now on one finger phone tapping. Reaching my limit.

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