Sober Forever!
I don’t want to drink anymore.
This is my conclusion.
I am gaining time, freedom, control, happiness, self respect, better sleep, better skin, better health, better relationships, clearer thoughts, better decision making, no more lies, feel safer, and saving lots of money. Need I say more?

Since my teens I have not been far from a drink.
Whether it be wine, beer, spirits or whatever I have probably had a sip or two. Let’s be honest I never stop at two.
In New Zealand society alcohol and adults mix regularly and it is hard to go out without something being offered.
What would you like to drink?
Fancy a glass of wine?
Would you like a top up?
Would you like to try this?
What’s your poison?

I no longer want to feel out of control with alcohol.
I want to be able to function without the need for it ever again.

I don’t want to drink anymore.