Long nails finally

For the first time in 50 years I have long nails. Almost to manicure length. (I think they are but probably they are shorter than that.) Naturally. They are strong.

I have bitten my finger nails and the skin around my finger nails all my life. I have tried to give up many times. I’ve tried all the remedies, from gloves to sitting on my hands to painting on foul tasting nail polish. Nothing worked. The desire to stop was always there but I just could not stop. It was frustrating. It was embarrassing. They were ugly. I have never worn rings apart from my wedding band because I didn’t want to draw attention to my nails, or lack of them.

Like I have mentioned before stopping alcohol was easy. The decision to stop was hard. I’m not quite sure how I stopped biting my nails. There was no epiphany. It just happened. I cannot explain it. I can feel my nails now when I squeeze my fingers into the palm of my hand. Typing now on the keyboard now is different. Things most people take for granted are completely new for me.

Deciding no to alcohol has had many knock-on effects. This has been a most surprising one. An amazing one. I am ready to book my first manicure and be pampered. I have had many pedicures but never a manicure.

My anxiety has dropped off with stopping alcohol. Noticeably so. This must be part of why I am no longer biting my finger nails. To be honest I don’t really care how it occurred, I am just happy this has finally happened.

If you have tried everything to stop biting your nails and nothing has worked for you, try giving up alcohol and watch what happens.

One thing I could never do and that was play guitar because my nails weren’t there. I picked up a guitar in my late teens but knew it wasn’t going to work out. It was hard. It was painful. Maybe, just maybe, I might give it another go.

Time to raid my jewellery box and see what’s at the bottom.
I can wear rings!!!

Possibilities: Guitarist, Hand Model, YouTube Cooking Show Host

Sober Treat today was pick up pepperoni pizza with chili flakes on the patio.