Sunny Summer Afternoon

The box of gourmet chocolates is now open on the coffee table in front of me. Several are missing. They were opened too early. They were supposed to be for Christmas. It’s too late now. They had been in the fridge cooling off. Now they’re too hard. They aren’t melting in my mouth like they’re supposed to. I have tried one of each variety just to make sure. Now I’m very sure.

Humidity is low, sunshine hours long, hardly a cloud in the sky today. A blissful day of song birds and cats lazing about. At last I have a regular supply of delicious pomegranate tea. I will stock up and hoard them next time I go shopping.

Lunch and dinner were rolled into one today. Steak and roast vegetables. The garlic bulb was suitably mushy and smeared over everything. Kumara (sweet potatoes), carrots, broccoli and asparagus. Al fresco under reed shade. A gentle breeze and good conversation. Sparkling water not wine. Today is an upbeat day.

Weeding and watering the garden will be a good evening task for later. Passionfruit, grapes, olives, strawberries, rhubarb and blueberries. Limes will be next year. Fingers crossed. Patience. My spinach from last year is acting crazy and has gone to seed. I have yet to pull it out and start again. Perpetual? Not.Time to tidy the next part of the garden.

Off now to make to most of the weather. A nap in the middle of reading on the lawn.
Enjoy today.

Today’s Sober Treats: Pomegranate tea, chocolates and Reading

The Village Effect: How Face-to-face Contact Can Make Us Healthier, Happier and Smarter by Susan Pinker