Corkscrews and Bottle Openers

Bottle openers and corkscrews. I have many. Now what to do with them?

I don’t have that many in all honesty but I have more that enough.

My cork collection is still sitting next to the fireplace untouched. Now what to do with them?

Do I throw them away? I still can’t bear to toss them away. I haven’t dealt with this. Have I? All those hours spent drinking them, and the money paid for them. It all seems so silly and wasteful now. Duh. I do have a cork board which I intend to keep. I can look at it and not feel any desire or wistful thoughts of drinking. I am not doing any more DIY projects with corks. If I offer them to someone else for DIY projects am I enabling them to drink?

What did you do with your corks? You threw them away, didn’t you.

My remnants of a wine and spirits collection is in the garage. Now what to do with them?

I will use them in cooking. And if the wine has gone off it will be used as vinegar, again also for cooking.

2 thoughts on “Corkscrews and Bottle Openers

  1. From my experience, environment is the dominant force in our behavior. If you want to change the way you behave, change your environment. The more friction your environment imposes on executing a bad habit, the better. Thus, my advice would be to get rid of anything that makes drinking easier 🙂

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