Learning to pace myself

In the past and even now I tend to get enthusiastic about something, I live, breathe and sleep whatever it may be. The enthusiasm lasts for a while, a good while and then fizzles out. Gone.

It’s all about the pace. You cannot sprint a marathon. That’s commonsense. Yet why do I always try to sprint when I should be jogging. These running analogies aren’t working for me. I used to do cross country running. Now I detest anything above a walk. So what else can I use? Jog one lamp post, sprint one lamp post. Stop it.

Okay let’s try music. Tempo. Don’t know the words to describe it but here goes. No. scrap that.

I try to immerse myself in the lust of choice. I suck it dry. I spit it out, I get sick of myself. I walk away. Immersion is a good thing with language learning for example. But not with everything.

Longevity and good pace is what I am trying to add to my kit. Continuity should be there too. They are all linked.

Staying up till 6am engrossed is a wonderful thing. The sun comes up and you are still awake from the day before. Once in a while is fine. But it is unsustainable long term. You cannot tell which way is up. It doesn’t end well.

Pacing myself, being consistent, longevity these things are elusive. These are not linked with addiction, are they? This is a whole new me emerging.

Being sober feels like I am giving myself another chance in life.

I am just a girl standing in front of a mirror, telling myself I love you.

Or should that be “I love me?”

A side note: My recycle bin never gets full now. It is quite shocking how empty it is each week. No more bottles. No cardboard pizza boxes. Only the odd pizza now and then. The absence of bottles is noticeable by the lack of recycling. Calculating the money I am saving and it is breathtaking.

BONUS: Being sober=less recycling bin pushing+saving money

12 thoughts on “Learning to pace myself

  1. LOL…I just came in from taking my recycling out to the bins, including a pizza box. Was something I used to do all the time as well. Last night a slipped up, hence the pizza box as well. And yes, the money saved is amazing isn’t it!? Keep on keeping on.

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  2. Consistency can be its own form of very healthy addiction! After committing to a consistent routine, I wake up naturally between 4 and 5 every morning – something I’d have never thought possible. It produces no bottles, just excellent health and productivity 🙂

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    • Thanks for stopping by.
      Envious of those who can rise so early. Trying to get to bed before midnight as a goal for now. Then will up that and go for earlier to bed and in theory I will be getting up earlier.
      Working towards what you are doing.
      Wish me luck.

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      • One little tip: You could try the app “sleep cycle” to make your sleep consistency a little more interesting. It draws all kinds of cool graphs about when you go to bed, get up and what your sleep quality is. The combination of this interesting data and a recurring reminder on my phone to wind down early enough each night helped me a lot on this mission 🙂

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      • Thanks. I use Bedtime app on my phone. It reminds you half an hour before your decided bedtime and wakes you up when you set it for. There’s a graph and you can see your sleep hours.
        I need to just set the alarm for early and just jump into early mornings.

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    • LOL. Yes that noise is no longer originating from our house. I hear it from the neighbours and feel relieved that it’s not me. You can’t quietly get rid of glass bottles.
      I like the way the Spanish recycle. They have these huge bins(1.8m ) in the street and you load the bottles into them, smash, smash as each one goes inside. Therapeutically enjoyable.


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