Weight for me

I am so so sick of thinking, breathing, writing and talking about WEIGHT.

Being sober is a choice and yay I am glad I did it. I decided 11 months ago that enough was enough. With food you can’t say enough I am done with eating and stop completely. Simply you would die. Obesity and weight isn’t about food anyway. That is the tip of the iceberg and all that you can see. The mind games and the rest is invisible on the surface but oh so very present, day in day out.


Instead my solution is to hang a lovely item of clothing that I aim to wear in my eye line.

Ahhh. And a photo too of the lovely item of clothing so even if I am in another room or out and have a decision to make I can look at it and make the right decision. A photo of a swatch of the fabric is all I need. Note that the swatch of fabric isn’t black. We all know which is the right decision anyway. Fu*k it food is off the menu.

(I know this strategy probably won’t work on a low day. The item of clothing will make me laugh. But not in a good way. A sarcastic laugh. Unbecoming. )

It is a positive incentive strategy. There is no NO. There is no limitation on what I can or cannot eat. There is only a choice. With each choice about what I eat, hopefully I will be making more and more better choices. This is for me. A healthier me.

So next time I decide to have a second ice cream for the day I won’t just hesitate. I will politely decline to the child inside of me who is jumping up and down at my side pulling the bottom of my T-shirt and whining, pleeeasseee. Enough. My choice is to say no thank you. That’s it. No whining. No performing. Just no thank you. I can picture my lovely item of clothing.

Yesterday we sat outside and ate dinner. It’s the first time since the bone break that I have sat in the garden, weeded the raised garden beds or eaten outside. Yay for knee scooters! The spring weather is here. There was no wind. I turned on the outside heater so we could be outside in T-shirts and enjoy the moment. My substitute for a candle! Hygge!

One better decision at a time.


17 thoughts on “Weight for me

  1. it has become harder and harder for me to lose weight and keep it off as i turned 50..but especially since menopause started. In 2011 , i weighed 107-110lbs. i worked out religiously and ate extremely health( even measuring options and counting vitamins instead of calories). BUT over the past 2-3 years ( i am 52 now) that strategy no longer applies.I now weigh 125-130 most of the time.. It simply doesn’t work because i cannot and will not be that rigid anymore.What i am finding is that i eat as much as i want, but make better choices. Not so that i will lose weight but to FEEL better…less heartburn ,nausea,physical pain and MORE calm energy is the goal.. I walk or hike as many nights a week as i can ( 3-4 miles each time and building) and just stretch a lot using a semblance of Yoga moves i learned . My job is REALLY sedentary and nightshift as well so many things are a must for me .In spite of sliding back into my usual habits ( chocolate every night, chips & dip, cookies,etc . on top of 3 regular meals) i have switched off to salads, bananas & apples, yogurt, and healthier dips like guacamole or low fat sour cream ( i just adda little salt). But at any rate, it’s an experiment at best..i won’t know for a month or 2 if it’s viable.My goal is to stay around 120lbs at 5’2″ and i believe thats reasonable..Kudos on your idea and good luck!!

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  2. Visualising the clothing is a good idea. Try taking it one step further. Imagine yourself in that clothing, walking around looking and feeling good, really picture it . When you are tempted bring to mind that image. Oh and a neat trick. Make your meal as normal and remove half of it from the plate. Do that every meal. You’ll lose weight. No calorie counting just reduce intake in half. Key thing, find what works for you. Jim x

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  3. I think you might not be looking at this through the right filter. When we quit drinking, we didn’t quit drinking EVERYTHING. I still drink lots of water, even a soda now and again (usually only on rides longer than 60 miles). I ride between 100 and 300 miles a week and I still have to watch what I eat. Worse, I have a fantastic excuse to say “gimme the rest of that pizza”. That’d hurt like hell climbing hills, though. Like quitting drinking, we have to quit eating shitty food. You don’t stop eating altogether, just the crap.

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    • I love this! So true. My issue is I’m only 10 days sober and I have replaced the alcohol with crap food. It’s like I feel I have to have something and if that isn’t booze then I’ll stuff my face with chocolate, peanuts, sugary drinks .. anything really. I can see this is going to become an issue! The filter comment struck me. We are still drinking and eating, just trying to make better choices about what and how much.

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      • Replacing alcohol with sugar is a normal reaction when we first quit. I can’t remember all of the science, nor do I care to, but there’s something about alcohol, or part of it, being converted back to sugar in the body, yada, yada, yada… The important part is, when we quit drinking our body goes into sugar craving mode. Try Ice Breaker Sours Mixed Berry. They’re sugar free but they’ll help you with the flavor. I still keep a box handy.

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  4. Commercials are the work of the devil. That’s me just kidding around. I don’t watch TV anymore either because it was so freaking expensive and no one ever watched it. My kids are happy with Youtube and we use Hulu to watch a show as a family sometimes. My kids see commercials on YouTube and mention them time and again, and when I say I haven’t seen them, they’re shocked.

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