Self Care: Menopause & Night sweats

I read that a side effect of taking an SSRI (Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) was a reduction in frequency of hot flashes, hot flushes or night sweats. For some it completely stops them. It works for some women and not for others. Trial and error. I was having 30 hot moments per day. I was willing to try almost anything.

It worked. At the time I was in peri-menopause. No hot flushes thanks to the SSRI.An entire year has passed since I last had my period so now I am post-menopause. I have noticed a lessening of the desired effect that the SSRI is having.

In the past I was having alcohol, caffeine and an unhealthy diet. Then I had no night sweats or hot flushes. I felt very lucky.

Fast forward to now and sober 11 months. I drink coffee and tea. My diet has improved. The hot flushes are back. Not as bad as before but they are back.

I am doing hot flush tests. Seeing how my body reacts to certain foods.

Not looking good.



Ice cream is safe for now and still on the menu. I am not cutting out all chocolate. Solid chocolate only. If something has some chocolate in it I will still have it. This is not scientific at all. But you knew that.

Cold drinks are better than hot drinks for those who suffer from hot flushes. We’re heading into summer anyway so that it easy to have room temperature or cold tea or water.

I sleep in a cool room. I don’t wear as many layers of clothing as I used to. And don’t need multiple layers of blankets.

I ate my last bag of licorice today. A sad day for me. I have blackadder tea which is the taste of licorice without all the sugar. That is what I will be drinking instead.


13 thoughts on “Self Care: Menopause & Night sweats

  1. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting!

    MENOPAUSE is a uniquely individual experience and “the beginning of a new and liberating chapter in your life,” Research shows that the better you feel about yourself and your life​—your own sense of worth and identity—​the easier the transition will be.
    Besides keeping a positive outlook on life and performing meaningful work, women of all ages are wise to remind themselves that our loving Creator knows our feelings and truly cares for us. 1 Peter 5:7

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  2. glad i found this blog..i was at my wits end thinking i must be the ONLY woman on the planet going through both alcohol recovery and menopause at the same time! phew….yeah flashes..i still haven’t figured out the perfect solution..mine seem to go in phases, the worst being when i am under a lot of stress and in hot weather. I cannot take SSRI’s or HRT ( allergies and trying to quit smoking) and also i am(drum roll on this one- allergic to CBD as well)so basically i have nothing with which to cope. It’s a role coater with emotions and mood swings between the 2 issues…i’ll be following! Thanks!!

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  3. I’m like you limetwiste with having a wow moment over sobrietytree enjoying them lol. I swear I can now understand how spontaneous combustion happens! And just when I think oh they have passed and maybe that part of my life is finished I have another bout. Hang in there it can’t last forever, can it!!!

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  4. Oh nooooooo, not licorice and chocolate! Brutal. :)) I have to admit I loved/love hot flashes… did not take any meds. Lasted about 2-3 years with comings and goings… occasionally still get one, which I still enjoy. Wine definitely increased them, I noticed, as did strong emotions.

    Nummers for blackadder tea! That sounds amazing. xo

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  5. Hi, well obviously there’s not much I can comment on regarding hot flushes and menopause but liquorice I can comment on. It’s something I love too and wondered whether you’ve ever tried chewing on a liquorice stick. Bit like chewing a twig , because it is chewing a twig, but being unprocessed you get the taste but maybe not the same body response. Just a thought. Jim x

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    • Jim, Oh wow. Thank you! What a great idea. That never crossed my mind! I have it sitting in my cupboard and never thought of that. I made licorice extract with it. I remember hunting all over town for the right shape roots. Now you have mentioned that I can add it to water and make my own tea too.
      Never hesitate to comment. 🙏

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