Why did I do it?

Why did I drink in the first place? I have no idea.

Today I claimed back the garden patio area with an evening drink of a mango and ginger salt lassi. The garden is now a place of peace, a place of fun and laughter and deep and meaningful and silly thoughts and ideas. The cicadas are out in force. The only thing absent now is alcohol from the scenario.

I like me without alcohol. Correction. I love me without alcohol. I don’t wish to ever drink again. Please quote me on this if I ever get wobbly thoughts.

Today is a good day.

I feel like I have turned a corner. For those of you who have been sober for years bear with me. I have been sober for 73 days. Many experiences are seen through new eyes now and I am so enjoying them sober.

Sober, sober, sober, yayyyyyyyy yo.

A woman standing behind me at the supermarket checkout queue had a basket full of rose wine and fresh corn. I didn’t feel anything when I looked at the wine. I did however notice that she had three bottles. I am glad that is no longer me. I think I notice more at the supermarkets now: what and how much people are drinking and I am quietly staggered how much money and effort my society puts into the pursuit of drinking. I am marveling at the money I am saving. My frugal nature is loving this new sober side of me.

I managed to get up early today. And was out the door running errands and getting things done. I even had shopping lists with me. I am beginning to plan better. Today was a successful day.

I do like Mondays.

10 thoughts on “Why did I do it?

  1. Congrats on 73 days. You might be aware of this already, but there is a neat app called I’m Done Drinking and you put in your start date and number of drinks you use to have per day. It continuously updates days sober all the way down to total minutes, drinks not consumed, money saved not buying booze, and calories saved not drinking. Very eye opening😀

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  2. It’s funny how most of us just bought into the ideas that everyone drinks and that drinking somehow makes life brighter and more fun.

    Once we see the truth, that it keeps us complacent and dull, it loses its charm.

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  3. Good stuff!! I’m totally with you. Sober Me is someone I actually really love. 73 days is really great so well done to you! I’m a little bit further in but I can tell you from where I stand that I’m still getting amazed at all the stuff I feel and notice now. I thought it’d wear off but it still hasn’t.

    And happy Monday to you! It’s a good day indeed. xx

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