Day 46

Went to the gym, the supermarket and then the library. Had a whole food brunch of toasted muesli, fresh mango with milk after getting home.
Froze the leftover mangoes, 29c each. Very cheap. Bought five.
Froze the pomegranate arils from two pomegranates.
Bought vegetables, fruit and fish.
I have lost 3 kilograms since becoming sober. That is without trying.
I am adding new food into my life. I am not banishing food as such. I am making better choices. That’s it really.
Today is a good day.
Listening to WBGO while I organise the kitchen bench. Late night jazz is much better than day time jazz. This afternoon it sounds like elevator music. I could go for another station but it’s like a comfortable coat. Snug.

I have scaled back my mini habits to the recommended FOUR. I have placed the other three into another category. I am learning to be kind to myself.

I appreciate the supportive comments as I embark on this journey of mine. I feel light in the fact that there are so many hands helping me along the way. I have many book recommendations from readers also. Thank you. My list to read is getting longer. I am starting on a new one, Grit The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth.

5:30am and the sun is coming up and I am going to sleep. My neighbour’s light was on. Early to rise, early to bed. I wish that were me. Eventually I will get back to that. Exercise, better food, sober, mostly caffeine free. I am not after a quick fix. I am after a better lifestyle. I love the changes I am making. Proper sleeping hours will come back. I used to drop off to sleep so quickly. Patience.

My cats look happy and confident. They are spoilt rotten. Rescued brother and sister, they arrived scared and wide eyed over a year ago. They are growing up. They always make sure to nap within sight of me. One of them loves to sleep on woven supermarket bags. Simple tastes. On top of or inside, she doesn’t mind. Right now they are outside exploring the jungle of the backyard. Bird watching or roof climbing I presume.


2 thoughts on “Day 46

  1. I love this and totally agree with you – one thing at a time and everything will eventually fall into place!

    In terms of how the benefits of sobriety are delivered, I’m the other way around to you! I put on a stone in the first few months despite cutting out in excess of 7,000 calories per week by stopping drinking…!! Yep, a stone. Oink, oink – little piggy here gorged on all things sweet those first few months and so despite the huge reduction in calories I clearly made up for the shortfall and beyond! Now, almost a year in, I’m back into running and exercising and have kind of stabilised, I think it’s even coming off a tiny bit! I’m probably the same size now that I was when I quit, except now I’m healthy and fit!

    As for sleep, sobriety delivered immediately for me! Within just days I enjoyed the sleep of queens and this continues – it’s the BEST! I sleep a solid 7-8 hours without waking up and then bounce up rested and refreshed. God, everything else could turn to shit and I’d stay sober for this wonderful sleep alone, it makes me SO happy!! I’m sure it’ll come right for you like the eating/weight did for me.

    My approach is probably very similar to yours and that’s why this post struck a chord for me – all in good time and I’m letting these changes take hold as they come my way, no stressing about how I got a bit fat initially and I just feel calm and content at being able to move forward without my former full throttle speed setting. Well, mostly anyway!


    • A stone is a stone, is a stone. I have 4-5 stones to lose to get back to where I want to get. My closet is full. But can I fit those clothes. No. I accept that for now.

      Sleep, glorious sleep. I was so spoilt before. Out like a light without a thought. 8-9 hours sleep. Didn’t even need to try. Now I can wish it and nothing comes. Last night was 1am-ish. A turning point for me. Exhaustion has it’s limits.

      Today a novel. I alternate between fiction and non. Today is a fiction day. All the Light we Cannot See by Anthony Doerr.


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