Ridiculous Thought #2

“I’ll never be able to travel again!”

Conclusion: Case Dismissed With Prejudice.

If I fly I’ll miss out on all the free drinks at the airport lounge and on the plane. I can’t go to Europe now. How can I eat tapas without wine? It’s just not done. No more Grappa. No more Limoncello making. No more Umeshu making. No more sangria. No more beers. No more vodka. No more Champagne, Barolo, or Cava. I can’t go back to Spain, Italy or France. There’s no point going to Oslo or Moscow or Dublin.

These were some real thoughts I had. As mentioned before, not all thoughts are equal. Some are straight out lies. The fear of the unknown makes us stay in the ordinary, somewhere safe. Better safe than sorry. Unlikely. You’d die of boredom. I tend not to believe a word I think when I go off on a rant. It is sure to sound legitimate and knowledgeable and even if it’s shouted it doesn’t make it right or even sane.

Never travel again? But you’ve already been to Thailand for a dry holiday. You survived it. No. You enjoyed it. Soda water the whole time. You loved it. You especially loved the scales you stood on every day telling you how much weight you had lost. They didn’t match the scales once you got home though. That wiped a smile off your face. One of them was wrong. There surely must be someone in Europe who doesn’t drink alcohol. Remember you spoke to that French waitress who couldn’t recommend a cheese because she hated the smell of it. There’s bound to be someone who hates alcohol too, right?

You can’t give up travel because of being sober. That’s just stupid. But you went to Spain to sample the wines and spirits. Italy, France, Japan, Australia. You collected wine labels and wine books. You even read wine notes. You started collecting wines.

The wine collection kept shrinking. If a wine was good to keep for 3-4 years it had no chance of waiting that long. It wouldn’t last a year. Buying expensive wine didn’t make it off limits. Nothing worked really. Wine was meant to be drunk. And it was.

Europe is not just wine and spirits. There is far more to it than a liquid. The art, architecture, history, music, theatre, people, beauty and driving. Of course I knew all this but my ridiculous self was turning blue in the face at the thought of not ever another drop. I’ll live and so will she.

About the airport lounge and the alcohol that is served onboard, well I don’t have to pay extra now for membership, and business class travel is about the leg room and lie-flat bedding. And with a well hydrated flight I might just adjust to time zones better on arrival. On short haul flights economy saves a bundle. But from New Zealand most places are far. Any flight over 9 hours and I say business class please.

Think of all the money I will save by not drinking overseas. There is less chance to be taken advantage on with a bill at a restaurant. That hasn’t happened though as far as I know. I check receipts. In fact I collect receipts, they become mementos.

A better sleep on a flight due to being correctly hydrated. Save a tonne of money through not drinking alcohol. You don’t have to worry about drinking and driving because you will always be sober. You will always be fresh to drive the next day. There will never be a concern if you are in an accident, you will be the sober driver. You will be in the right. Dead right, doesn’t help but, for minor scrapes, you know what I mean. You will better remember the trip. It will be more meaningful. You will make better clear headed decisions mid-trip.

Remember you are a nomad. Keep you passport up to date. Always.


11 thoughts on “Ridiculous Thought #2

  1. Never got into waters such as VC because of the stellar sodium levels. I’m just odd that way, even though I’m likely missing out on accompanying something very tasty, particularly with a slice of rye bread spread with lard and pieces of pork skin schmaltz-fried gribenes.


  2. Interestingly enough to me, non-alcoholic beer is all the rage in much of Europe. Served by the pitcher in the better known eateries in Spain, it is considered very acceptable across country. The same is in Austria, where such excellent brews are shipped back to the States on a reegular basis. Without a doubt, my last trip to Scotland was made memorable because of, among other things, Thornbridge Big Easy and Big Drop Winter Ale. Both are brewed in the UK and taste remarkably unlike so.


    • Don’t tempt me. πŸ˜‚ And I was thinking now there is no chance to get a beer gut. Thank you. I refuse to start on AF beer. Not tempted.
      However I got myself thinking about all the Sparkling waters, Spanish Vichy Catalan is my all time favourite. Strong tasting, heavy water. Of course I would like it. Have you tried it?


  3. I took the trip of a lifetime, sober! I was sure it couldn’t be done or I wouldn’t have much fun, but it was completely amazing. I was only 5 months’ sober, and we literally paid for it on the money we saved by me changing our lifestyle. I say me because I was the one always pushing to go to restaurants to enjoy drinking on the terrace on cozying up in a booth in the winter. We saved thousands of dollars, even though my husband still drinks. But I walked for miles all through Europe and I was a foodie the entire trip. I still lost weight though because of all the walking we did. The only difference was that I did not sit at cafes for hours. There’s no reason to if you’re not drinking. It gets boring, so you do the cultural travel instead.

    Great ridiculous thought!


    • Sounds like a wonderful trip.
      I look forward to travelling overseas in a while. But first an internal journey for the rest of the year. And in the meantime I can save money without trying too hard.


  4. Hey, look at it like this- you did it drinking, now you get to do it sober. A totally different experience. πŸ™‚ I’ve struggled with a lot of the same thoughts. There is truly nothing you “can’t” do sober…but there are a few things you just don’t care to do anymore. Like hang out in bars, or with drunk people. No fun. I found that my world really opened up when I gave up substances, which is funny as I truly thought I’d be so boring. Nope, not boring. So many more possibilities. A lot less drama. It’s working for me!

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