Garden Care

2019 is the Year of Care for me. And in keeping with this theme I am sorting out systems to make life run smoothly.

I have struggled with the lawns. DH kept saying hire someone. We did briefly but we weren’t impressed so that stopped. I carried on mowing them myself erratically rather than regularly. The grass got away on me.

This week I asked for recommendations and contacted someone and they came and started straight away. Can I just say, the lawns look amazing. The place looks tidy. I have asked the company to continue regularly. This is one system in place. A step in the right direction. Progress.

3 thoughts on “Garden Care

    • What a big job. Well done you!
      Are you doing a Marie Kondo?
      I was thinking of tackling my clothes next but I have 7 boxes of miscellaneous that I moved from one room to another. That is not how to tidy.
      Might just start on clothing and ignore the boxes until the timing is right.

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