Fifteen days sober

Not a drop has passed my lips for the past fifteen days.

I put on high heels yesterday and thought about how I don’t have to worry about falling over drunk. I am clumsy and un-co-ordinated when I am sober, so when going out I tend to wear flat shoes. I put the heels on and felt happy with a sense of freedom. Okay my toes might not have felt the same way. It was my first time in ages to wear heels and to be honest my feet weren’t ready for it. Three hours was plenty. Luckily I only had to walk to and from the car and mostly sitting in between. Baby steps.

I notice that I am not eating as much as before. When I drink I get the munchies and have a wicked sweet tooth. I tend to devour food in the small hours while drunk. Nothing is sacred in the kitchen. My binge drinking links to binge eating. It isn’t pretty. I have been known to eat hotdogs cold because I couldn’t be bothered to heat them up. No combination of food is odd when drunk. Hopefully this is a thing of the past.

Insomnia may be a thing of the past. I have managed to have two decent nights sleep, plus a nap. I have been patient with lack of sleep. I don’t function well without it. I am finding my groove again.

This sober path feels like the right one.

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