Wet Wednesday

My woolly hat was firmly over my ears as I walked across the park today. It was a blustery stormy day. The threat of rain was in the air. Nothing came of it. I made it home in time before the rains came down. Today was easier to walk because I had had a decent night of sleep. No more 5am staring at the ceiling wishing for sleep hours . Last night was 1am. A huge improvement. I will take what I can get.

I started intermittent fasting yesterday for the first time. I am fasting for sixteen hours and eating for eight. That’s all that means. So at eight in the evening I stop eating and start eating again at noon the next day. And then repeat the cycle. I may slide the times to earlier but for now eight to noon sounds good. I tend to mindlessly snack or graze in the evenings so I am trying to curb this bad habit. Day 1 was a success. I drank herbal tea instead. So far so good.

Walking is slowly becoming a habit for me. It is growing on me. I need exercise. I need to get out of the house. I need the sun on my face. Walking was my top choice for exercise. I thought I would walk everyday this month. That hasn’t happened. However I have done about fifty percent. I will take that as a win. Some walking is better than none. I am not an Olympic athlete. I am no longer fit. For me today this result so far is all good. I am not berating myself for missing days or not getting more than eighty percent days checked off. I am practicing the art of kindness to myself. I am doing good.

Trying to change too many habits at once does end in disaster. I have mastered the habit of Morning Pages. That habit has been with me for over fifteen years. Some times the pages have been neglected but coming back to it is like riding a bike. Easy. Walking is the next habit to add to my daily routine. It’s coming along. I huff and I puff at times. I sigh. I sit down on the bench on the way when heading home. The steep inclines require extra effort. I am building up stamina. My shape is changing slightly. My body is readjusting the saddlebags. Once I get less puffed and it’s becoming a pleasure then I will treat myself to a forest walk.

I decided not to weigh myself during this journey of well being. I know I said I wanted to become 75kg (165 pounds) but I won’t be weighing myself everyday and feeling the highs and lows of fluctuating weight. I will be working towards better stamina, strength, longer walks, more places to explore and to eventually tackle some indoor rock climbing. I do want to be able to wear the clothes that are too small for me at the moment. No rush. One step at a time.

I gave up drinking. I can surely walk a few miles and then some. I can learn to be kind to myself and reward myself with something other than food. Less mindless eating. More mindful walking. I look forward to throwing out my worn out walking shoes. Won’t you join me?

Sober as a single step.


12 thoughts on “Wet Wednesday

  1. This is great…and balanced! yes!- to doing too many changes at once being destructive…a lesson i seem to have to go through over & over( but i’m getting better).. Phew- this pandemic has just destroyed me and i don’t even have the rona! I have hardly walked since February, in May( after 5 months) i started smoking again ( slowly at first from stress then built right back up) and now have to deal with quitting again- just started the process again today. AND i have been eating like crap. Fortunately i only gained back 5 of the 15 lbs i lost around January. But i feel like a toxic, unhealthy blob. I have started walking here & there again though and have committed to 3 times a week again- it’s a start. So theres my 2 cents and life story atm. And you are doing way better ,i believe, so Kudos! and Hugs!

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  2. Just begin! That’s half the battle. Walking outdoors is one of the best things you can do for not only physical health but for your mood and general well-being. For me, it’s a form of meditation, and I have several different areas to choose from to break up the monotony. Good luck!

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    • Starting IS the hard part. Yes I agree that itโ€™s a form of meditation. Yesterday was easy. Today was a short walk but it was good to get out in between downpours. Hope you had a nice weekend ๐Ÿ˜


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