Rain of the rooftop

It rained yesterday and the day before yesterday for the first time in ages. I swore I was going to sit outside in the rain but I chickened out and danced inside instead. The simple joy of hearing the rain on the roof, what a joy it was.

Noticing the little things is one of life’s simple pleasures.

One of my cats sits with his head out the cat door staring at the rain. His body sitting nicely inside appearing headless. Watching rain fall is soothing, magical and mesmurising. My cat mindfully appreciates the rain. Isn’t he clever? I have so much to learn from him

I love the sound the rain makes as it falls on the roof. The sound of it gurgling down the down-pipe. The stillness in the air. The cicadas quiet. The smell of parched soil gulping their share of water and then some. The dampness in the air. A dropping of the temperature. The need to wear socks again after months of bare feet. The peaceful feeling of being blanketed by rain when inside the house. I love the rain.

Friday I dashed through the rain dodging puddles without an umbrella off to my appointment. I felt like I was five again. I walked slowly as I crossed the street reveling in the raindrops as they landed on my body. I got wet. I didn’t mind one little bit.

What did you notice today?

5 thoughts on “Rain of the rooftop

  1. Ahhh living in the moment, just bliss. We didn’t get as much rain as I would of liked but we got some and the temp has dropped and it feels so good. I think of all the seasons I love spring and fall the most. We just have so much we can learn off our pets if we just take the time to notice, lovely post XOX

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    • Thanks. 🙂 Took the time to watch the clouds today as I lay in the grass, while I caught my breath from too much digging. The ground is so hard at the moment. Would like some more rain. Now I’m sounding greedy.


  2. A weather type thing too. I was working and there are no windows. I hate that but it is what it is. All day people tell me how awful it is outside, how COLD it is or how WET it is and mostly, I just wish they’d stop complaining.

    Today when I finished, the first good thing was that it was daylight. It didn’t last too long because by the time I’d done a quick shop (I work in a supermarket) the sky was BLUE, like a deep velvety blue and there was a crescent moon. It was SO beautiful that I just stood and smiled at it for ages – & then I took a photo of it. The littlest things make me happy too, so I loved this post of yours.

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    • Thank you. 😊 Ahh. The changes of the moon. Always nice to see the moon at night no matter the phase. Velvety blue dusk is a gorgeous blue. I have been searching for a big velvet cushion for the past couple of weeks. Can’t decide on a shade. First world dilemma. I wonder if it’s because I want to bring nature inside?


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