The Joys of Soberishness

  • I can drive myself home at night
  • I don’t have to get an Uber
  • I don’t have to watch what, how much, when about drinking
  • I can wear high heels without the fear of falling over (I have yet to bother)
  • I love night driving
  • I am saving money by not drinking
  • I am never hungover
  • I don’t waste “the next day” recovering
  • I remember everything I do when I go out
  • The recycling bin takes forever to fill now
  • I don’t have the midnight munchies
  • I am more mindful of my time
  • I am more serious about play
  • I take better care of myself
  • I appreciate the silent stillness of the night
  • I am still not a morning person
  • I am an accidental insomniac
  • I have a huge tea collection
  • I drink almost no coffee these days
  • The days are longer
  • I am full of hope
  • I am more active

6 thoughts on “The Joys of Soberishness

  1. Hey, this is a good thing, kiddo! I love reading lists such as these. We’re all different so the lists will differ as well. I’m pretty much with Anna on the coffee thing, but so what? You just do what works for you. Period. I’m so proud of you.

    You. Just. Rock. On.

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  2. I’ll sign my name to the majority of these!

    EXCEPT the coffee bit! When I was drinking (and therefore suffering horrendous hangovers almost every day) I couldn’t drink coffee in the mornings because it made me feel even dizzier and weaker. Sober, it’s one of my favourite things, that glorious morning coffee. And I drink a LOT of coffee throughout the day. OK, I know it’s better to not over indulge on caffeine, but hey! And it sounds like for you it’s a good thing to have less coffee so good for you!

    Love this list – I think it’s good to put one together once in a while to remind ourselves how much better life is sober.

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